Your Trucking Accident Advocates

We are here to defend your CDL, protect your CSA score, and protect your livelihood in the unfortunate time of an accident. Don’t be caught off guard and unprepared at the time of an accident review hearing. Don’t try to fight your trucking company alone and have them classify the accident as preventable. We have the inside knowledge and expertise to present all that is needed to have the deck “STACKED” in your favor at the time of the accident review hearing and have the accident determined as non preventable.

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How We Can Help You

  • We have inside knowledge of the accident review board hearings and know what needs to be presented to get your accident ruled as non preventable
  • CDL driving experience
  • 15 years law enforcement experience
  • Accident reconstruction expertise
  • Private investigators
  • Expert interviewers

CDL Accident Facts

Number of accidents a year involving commercial motor vehicles

According to United States Department of Motor Vehicles over 500,000 accidents occur each year involving CDL drivers.

Percentage of accidents changed from preventable to non-preventable in accident review hearings with drivers representing themselves.

Less than 5% according to a safety committee member of a major trucking company.  Don’t fight your company without our expertise.  Get the deck “STACKED” in your favor.