We are a company working hard and doing all we can to protect our clients… their reputation… their driving career… and their livelihood.

Through our experience in the trucking and law enforcement fields we found that trucking companies were taking advantage of drivers and not giving them any kind of chance after an accident.  Most of these accidents are caused by those “four wheelers” who are never paying attention to the road.  However, the trucking companies want to do all they can to place the blame on the CDL driver.  The next step for the company is to terminate the driver and leave them trying to find another job with a preventable accident on their record.

We are here to advocate for the drivers and give them a fighting chance in an accident review hearing. Based on our experience in accident review hearings we know what is needed to be presented in order for a favorable outcome for the drivers.  Most drivers have no clue what to present or how to present the information.  When you become a client of Stacked we take care of all of that for you.  We will make sure the deck is “STACKED” in your favor at the time of the accident review hearing.